5 good reasons why architects should plan in 3D



Architects must face the technical challenges of their time and the growing requirements of their clients in order to remain competitive. Short construction times and the increasing networking of all participants requires quick action. The constant availability of information has become established as the standard today. This is also true for the construction industry.

Clients, planners and all other participants involved in the construction process work on ensuring and increasing the quality of their projects via transparent and quick communication. Technology offers all of the possibilities for this, from mobile end devices to cloud platforms. So why not utilize these? Why shouldn't information that is exchanged in seconds via e-mail also be processed in seconds in the digital model? Software manufacturers have already met the requirements.


The information and evaluation possibilities offered by a 2D drawing are meeting these requirements less and less. Digitization makes it possible to exchange information around the clock and around the world. Up-to-date plans are always available with a 3D model. Experiences in mechanical engineering and in the automotive industry with consistently implemented 3D models can be implemented almost identically in the construction industry. The technology is already available and has been tested. The added value is obvious. The transition from 2D to 3D building planning has many advantages.


  • 2D planning out of habit
  • Various possibilities in visualization
  • Greater efficiency through time savings and error prevention
  • More transparency in planning
  • From the digital building model to BIM

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