Allplan Bridge - A new BIM Tool Tailored for Bridge Engineering

Technical Whitepaper, published at IABSE Symposium 2019 Guimarães, Portugal (

Vanja SAMEC, Managing Director ALLPLAN Infrastructure GmbH
Johann STAMPLER, Consultant ALLPLAN Infrastructure GmbH
Gregor STREKELJ, Product Manager ALLPLAN Infrastructure GmbH


BIM application in bridge engineering is becoming more and more requested. However, many solutions do currently not yet address the special needs of bridge construction. The paper explains the relevant features of the new approach, developing the bridge structure for detailing and analysis purposes in one parametrical model by using appropriate mathematical prescriptions. Specific characteristic of this solution is the combination of an intelligent database and a user interface tailored for engineers.



  • Introduction
  • Parametric Model Description
  • Geometric Model
  • Post-Tensioning
  • Substructure
  • Conclusion

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