Benefits of BIM for Infrastructure


Increasing Efficiency with the latest Bridge Design BIM Tools


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a phrase currently becoming popular worldwide, also in the infrastructure sector. However, the application of BIM in the bridge design process is relatively new and seldom consistently used in daily workflows.

The fully integrated solution presented in this paper solves this problem. It is based on a parametrically described open BIM model, which contains further details and attributes required for the different tasks of the bridge design process. For example, the geometrical model does not only describe the bridge geometry, but also includes information required for the preliminary bridge design, like the terrain model or other ambient data.

Together with the included structural analysis and checking functionalities, this solution allows for end-to-end support of the complete bridge design process, including reinforcement design, rebar modeling, detailing, and drawing production.



    • The Bridge Design Process
    • How BIM enhances Architectural Design and Structural Analysis
    • How BIM supports efficient Structural Detailing and Drawing Production
    • Supporting individual choice with OpenBIM

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