BIM creates added value by allowing people, processes and tools to interact systematically throughout the entire building life cycle. The basic concept of BIM is open collaboration across all programs and disciplines.

The BIM Compendium is intended for architects, engineers and other specialist planners who want to keep up with the BIM work method. It explains how people, processes and tools collaborate in project processing in theory and practice. The book is therefore divided into two sections:

  • The first part covers BIM in general, explaining its underlying ideas and methods. In addition to discussing misunderstandings and doubts, the first part also looks at the opportunities and advantages of BIM. Under the motto of "all you need to know about BIM", this part provides the theoretical background you need for implementing BIM in your daily work.

  • The second part shows how to use BIM in practice. Based on a “real project”, you will work through the tasks step by step, learning how and to what extent you can use BIM throughout the project cycle. The motto of "holistic thinking” does not necessarily mean that the whole project must be geared to the BIM approach; sometimes it makes sense to apply BIM to particular project phases only.


General Content:


    3D Building Model in Allplan
    Working with the Building Structure
    Elements and Attributes for the Frame, Finishing Work and Rooms
    Attributes at Hierarchy Level
    Data Export and Import

New in the 3rd edition:

    Data Exchange with IFC 4
    Allplan Object Library as Review and General Overview Tool
    Chapter on bim+ Data Server
    Glossary Supplement


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