Whitepaper: Making BIM work better with processes, data and tools

Cornelius Preidel and Markus Tretheway, ALLPLAN GmbH

With the development of digital methods for civil engineering, such as in particular Building Information Modeling (BIM), the collaborative processes have increasingly also come to the fore. A major part of the technological change in the construction sector is in the development of the model-based working method, or workflow, which has a significant impact on the collaboration of the project participants.

The digital models used in this working method not only contain three-dimensional geometric content but are also supplemented with semantic information. The individual parties involved in a construction project create, modify or expand these models during project handling and, in this way, create a comprehensive digital picture of the product.

The error-free exchange and the smooth processing of such information constitute a key challenge for the building and construction industry. At the same time, many of the current work and communication processes can be improved considerably with the aid of these digital, structured building models. In order to be able to provide a reliable basis for these processes, technical solutions have to be developed. One such solution comes in the form of the Common Data Environment (CDE) – a data management tool in which all information pertaining to a construction project is brought together.



In the whitepaper we shall first introduce the fundamental concept of the CDE. Then a software solution will be shown which enables the linking of a range of BIM-enabled software products to such a data platform for stakeholders from various disciplines: the BIM Integration Framework.

  • BIM-based collaboration processes
  • The common data environment
  • The BIM Integration Framework
  • The CDE: Allplan Bimplus
  • Proof of concept - Implementation of the BIF
  • Not without Excel - Connection of non-BIM-enabled products


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