Why BIM?
How Collaboration Enables
An Integrated Approach

This is the first in a series of three articles that looks at the benefits of BIM.

At a time when projects are becoming more complex and more demands are being placed on designers, it is imperative that collaborative working becomes the norm amongst the project team. The best way to achieve this is through an integrated approach for the entire design, such as using the BIM working method supported by a cloud-based platform for easy collaboration. With BIM, even the largest projects with a multitude of teams – and therefore many different design interfaces – can be managed more effectively.

It promotes communication, minimizes design errors, facilitates decision-making, and provides clarity to the entire project team as they work from a single shared source of truth – the BIM model. And with the latest cloud-based technology, such as Allplan Bimplus, the entire team can have real-time access to the model using open interfaces for unparalleled collaboration.


Overview of the contents:

    • Collaborative Working
    • Minimizing inefficiencies and potential for errors
    • Necessity and potential of the integrated working method
    • Making decisions that convey design reliability

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