Why BIM?
How Efficiency Can Be Enhanced

This is the third in a series of three articles that looks at the benefits of BIM.

With budgets and programs being put under increasing pressure yet designs becoming more complex, making a decent profit margin requires more efficient working methods. Using BIM and 3D modeling, time-consuming manual activities can be replaced by automated processes, saving valuable time. Reinforcement design and detailing, in particular, can be accelerated using the latest modeling tools which simplify the process.

The time saved for these activities can be used for other tasks, streamlining the design development. And with all the project information contained centrally within the model, communication between teams is more efficient and less prone to errors and discrepancies. Advanced 3D modeling and BIM can help you create accurate, up-to-date, and timely deliverables on your next project, keeping your consultancy profitable and successful.


Overview of the contents:

    • Improved efficiency
    • Various possibilities in visualization
    • Greater efficiency through time savings and error prevention
    • More transparency in design

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