Green BIM – Digital solutions for sustainability


There is a growing urgency to address both energy usage and carbon emissions from buildings and construction in order to meet climate action targets. Achieving these goals requires a combination of different approaches, and it is imperative that the AEC industry plays its part. Digital solutions such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) have the potential to make a significant contribution towards achieving sustainability goals. Their value lies in the data-driven decision-making that they enable, as well as the improved visualization, coordination, and efficiency that they offer throughout the entire project life cycle.



Starting with the global and regional picture of sustainability, this whitepaper focuses on construction related aspects and requirements of sustainability. It also examines how BIM can assist the construction industry in delivering on sustainability by discussing the entire project life cycle and giving best practice examples. Finally, an outlook for the future of green BIM is presented.




  • What are the sustainability requirements in the AEC industry?
  • How does BIM support sustainability?
  • What will the future of Green BIM look like?

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