BIM Software

BIM software creates added value in that people, processes and tools work together in a target-oriented manner across the entire life cycle of a building. In this way, a construction project gains transparency, quality and ensured costs and deadlines.


Good reasons for BIM Software

Via the central building model (BIM coordination model), the BIM working method permits the cross-disciplinary planning, construction and operation of buildings. With BIM software, all relevant information is merged and then analyzed. Inconsistencies and errors are identified immediately and can be eliminated in the planning phase. This increases planning quality, which pays off in the building process and in the operational phase.

  • All those involved access the same information.
  • Important decisions can be made earlier.
  • The building process runs more quickly and smoothly.


Achieving success with the right BIM Software

Icon BIM softwareYour BIM strategy, which should meet the specific requirements of your company, forms the basis for the switch to BIM. Once the strategy is in place, you need to decide which BIM software is right for you. Various factors play a role in the choice of software: They include the employees’ experiences and software knowledge, the company’s technical equipment and that of the permanent planning partners. The aim is to work on a cross-disciplinary basis with the help of a BIM software (e.g. the solutions from ALLPLAN) and cover the entire life cycle of a building.


Benefits of the BIM Software Allplan

  • Icon benefitsComprehensive 3D modeling and attribute tools
  • Professional drawings and visualizations
  • Precise materials take off for accurate costing
  • Powerful 3D reinforced concrete detailing
  • High quality drawings, reports and visualizations
  • Optimized BIM workflows
  • Enhanced collaborative & cloud workflows
  • Concept to detailed construction output


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