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Allplan 2019 is the easier accessible BIM solution for architecture and engineering teams. The working speed is significantly increased thanks to a task and role-specific user interface. All project participants are connected to each other via a digital workflow using scalable cloud-based tools and optimized interfaces for data exchange. The demo download is the full Allplan 2019 version for a trial period of 30 days. Product offerings differ and are dependent upon region.


Important information concerning the license activation of Allplan!

We would like to inform you that due to technical maintenance the license activation of your Allplan software is not possible between 8th July 2019 - 22nd July 2019.

Thank you for your understanding!


  • Comprehensive 3D modeling and attribute tools
  • Professional drawings and visualizations
  • Precise materials take off for accurate costing
  • Up-to-date documents and professional visualizations
  • Powerful 3D reinforced concrete detailing
  • High quality drawings, reports and visualizations
  • Rapidly reinforce 3D complex structures
  • Efficiently and accurately model and reinforce building structures
We use Allplan Architecture as a 3D solution for the internal design check and presentations. Or as digital 3D sketches in order to demonstrate a detail to project participants or to discuss a variant with the client. Allplan Architecture is the CAD tool for all work phases, scales and tasks, from architecture to exhibition organization or design.

Ingo Schrader Architect BDA, Berlin

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