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Allplan 2020 is the easier accessible BIM solution for architecture and engineering teams. The working speed is significantly increased thanks to a task and role-specific user interface. All project participants are connected to each other via a digital workflow using scalable cloud-based tools and optimized interfaces for data exchange. The demo download is the full Allplan 2020 version for a trial period of 30 days. Product offerings differ and are dependent upon region.

  • Comprehensive 3D modeling and attribute tools
  • Professional drawings and visualizations
  • Precise materials take off for accurate costing
  • Up-to-date documents and professional visualizations
  • Powerful 3D reinforced concrete detailing
  • High quality drawings, reports and visualizations
  • Rapidly reinforce 3D complex structures
  • Efficiently and accurately model and reinforce building structures
We use Allplan Architecture as a 3D solution for the internal design check and presentations. Or as digital 3D sketches in order to demonstrate a detail to project participants or to discuss a variant with the client. Allplan Architecture is the CAD tool for all work phases, scales and tasks, from architecture to exhibition organization or design.

Ingo Schrader Architect BDA, Berlin

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