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Construction sequence - Time Dependent Analysis

Your challenges - our solutions is the new webinar series 2023. Join us for our sixth free webinar on 25th of July about construction sequence, time dependent analysis in Allplan Bridge.


Date: 25.7.2023

Time: 09:30 - 10:15 am (CEST)

Speaker: Jan Osterž

Organiser: Competence Center Allplan Infrastructure

Category: Live Webinar

Tags: Allplan Bridge


Join us for a comprehensive webinar that explores the time-dependent effects in bridge design using Allplan Bridge software. You will learn how to calculate and verify creep and shrinkage effects and understand their importance in ensuring the long-term stability and safety of your bridges.

With a focus on both technical and practical aspects, this webinar will provide you with a deep understanding of the methodology for calculating these effects, as well as the tools and features within Allplan Bridge that make it easy to perform these calculations. Throughout the webinar, we will provide verification of the results, so you can see the accuracy of the calculations and understand their impact on your bridge designs.

This webinar is a valuable opportunity for anyone looking to deepen their knowledge of time-dependent effects in bridge design and maximize the capabilities of Allplan Bridge software. Register now and get ready to expand your expertise and take your bridge designs to the next level.


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About the Speaker




Jan Osterž, MSc, Technical Consultant - Bridge Engineering at Competence Center Allplan Infrastructure

Jan Osterz is a Structural Bridge Engineer and Technical Consultant for bridges at Competence Center Allplan Infrastructure, located in Graz. He finished his Master at the Technical University in Maribor, Slovenia, where he specialized in Bridge Engineering. He started his professional career as a structural engineer, where he was responsible for static and dynamic analysis and visual programming in bridge engineering. As the next professional step, he joined ALLPLAN Infrastructure GmbH in 2018 as a Technical Consultant for Allplan Bridge.