Detailed design of roads in a BIM environment

Data output and IFC model export

Detailed design of roads in a BIM environment is a three-part free online webinar series. Join us for this third webinar on the 20th of June covering data output and IFC model export in Allplan AEC.


Date: 20.6.2023

Time: 09:30 - 10:15 am (CEST)

Speaker: Manja Zupančič Simonič

Organiser: Competence Center Allplan Infrastructure

Category: Live Webinar

Tags: Road, Allplan AEC


In this webinar, a template-based concept for the detailed output of plans and reports will be presented.

All data reports, cross-section drawings, the longitudinal profile plan and the site plan are generated directly - based on the current model status. Besides the output of conventional plans and reports, the possibility to output the BIM model in the IFC format will be shown.

In a few steps, the corresponding attributes can be assigned to the road model and with its upload model-based project collaboration can be enabled.

Detailed design of roads in a BIM environment



  • Improved plan output
    • Templated approach
    • Drawing file selection
  • Generate data reports
  • IFC export
    • Attributing of road objects
    • Drawing file assignment and Building structure
    • Model output





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About the Speaker




Manja Zupančič Simonič, MSc, Technical Consultant - Road design at Competence Center Allplan Infrastructure

Manja Zupančič Simonič is a civil engineer with a degree in road engineering. She has also passed her professional exams and has 8 years of experience in designing roads. Two projects that she designed, and of which she is particularly proud, constructed near Maribor in Slovenia, are 3 roundabouts and a 13,9 km long regional road. She has several years of experience in 3D design and joined the Competence Center Allplan Infrastructure, in Graz, during 2022.