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Interactive bridge design acc. to EN

Your challenges - our solutions is the new webinar series 2023. Join us for our seventh free webinar on 29th of August about interactive bridge design acc. to EN in Allplan Bridge.


Date: 29.8.2023

Time: 09:30 - 10:15 am (CEST)

Speaker: Jaroslav Navrátil

Organiser: Competence Center Allplan Infrastructure

Category: Live Webinar

Tags: Allplan Bridge


Modern bridge design requires consideration of a number of influences such as prestressing, the combination of different element types, materials, changes of structural system, etc. It requires an engineer´s extensive usage of software to analyze the bridge structure and perform an assessment of cross-sections. However, many conflicting parameters enter into the calculations. Watching the webinar will help the viewer to fully understand how to tune them correctly to create the perfect design.







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About the Speaker




Assoc. Prof. Jaroslav Navrátil, M.Sc., Ph.D., Chartered Engineer in Statics and Dynamics of Structures, Forensic Expert in Civil Engineering and Development Manager, Competence Center Allplan Infrastructure

Jaroslav Navrátil is a recognized expert in the field of concrete and prestressed concrete structures. His focus is the development of computational methods for the design and analysis of structures and their implementation in a form of algorithms and computer programs. He has more than twenty years of experience in leading software development for the design of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures and managing customer projects. The software developed by his teams has been used for the analysis and design of bridges, reinforced concrete, and composite beams, columns, and details in many European countries. He also works as an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Brno University of Technology.