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Verification of EN design and checks

Your challenges - our solutions is the new webinar series 2023. Join us for our eight free webinar on 26th of September about verification of EN design and checks in Allplan Bridge.


Date: 26.9.2023

Time: 09:30 - 11:00 am (CEST)

Speaker: Filip Adler

Organiser: Competence Center Allplan Infrastructure

Category: Live Webinar

Tags: Allplan Bridge


This webinar will explain and verify the methods used in the Allplan Bridge module for code-based design. The cross-sectional design and checks are performed on a simply supported single-span pedestrian bridge designed as a prestressed concrete girder with a single solid T-shaped section with haunches. Watching the webinar will help the viewer to fully understand the consequences of inputs and interpret the results provided to the user.



  • Example Description
  • Linear Elastic Stress
    • Normal Stress
    • Principal Stress
  • Reinforcement Design
  • Code Checks
    • Flexure (+2nd Order)
    • Brittle Failure
    • Shear
    • Torsion
    • Interaction
    • Stress Limitation
    • Crack Control
    • Detailing Rules




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About the Speaker




Filip Adler, MSc, Product Engineer - Bridge Engineering at Competence Center Allplan Infrastructure

Filip Adler is an experienced Structural Bridge Engineer and Product Engineer of Allplan Bridge at Competence Center Allplan Infrastructure, located in Brno. He finished his Master's at Brno University of Technology, Czechia, where he specialized in Bridge Engineering. He started his professional career as Product Engineer and later as an Analyst. During this time, he was involved as a consultant in many bridge and precast structures worldwide and supported engineers in several structural software solutions and BIM. His main field of specialization is structural analysis, code-based design, and checks for concrete bridges.