How to Benefit from the next big Construction Trend


When prefabricated parts are used, building components are prebuilt to the millimeter in factories and then transported just-in-time to the construction site. There, a crane takes over the assembly and moves the precast elements to the right place. Off-site manufacturing enables buildings to be planned and built to higher quality, while at the same time offering an extraordinary accuracy of cost and time planning. Prefabrication ensures shorter lead times, higher safety on the construction site and reduces noise and dust pollution. Furthermore, industrialized construction increases efficiency and thus conserves resources and protects the environment. For construction companies and design teams, the use of prefabricated elements creates the opportunity to grow along this emerging market.



More and more design teams rely on precast. Among other things, precast elements enable planning and cost security and guarantee the highest quality and efficiency. However, for the design itself, powerful solutions are needed that have been developed specifically for the precast industry. In our whitepaper, we explain how modular construction works, what advantages it offers, and how you can benefit from the high growth rates.



  • What is industrialized construction?
  • Why should you use precast?
  • How do you benefit from the trend towards prefab?

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