Recorded Webinar: Introduction to Visual Scripting

Speakers: Anja Neumann and Xinling Xu 

In this webinar, our product specialists Anja Neumann and Xinling Xu will give you an introduction to Visual Scripting.


Visual scripting is ideal for:

  • parametric modeling of complex shapes,
  • creating commonly used custom objects,
  • and automating personalized workflows. 

Instead of learning a programming language, simply visually arrange so called nodes, and link them to each other.
Compared to The Technical Preview, Allplan 2020 improved the user interface, added additional nodes, and other examples.

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The Speakers


Anja Neumann

Product Owner for the " Allplan Visual Scripting" project and Product Manager for the User Experience area

My ambition is to design a practical and user-friendly system. The feedback of our users plays a major role in that.


Before Anja Neumann joined Allplan GmbH in 2000, she worked as an architect in various offices for 7 years. She is part of the Product Management department and for the last 2 years she has been Product Manager responsible for the User Experience department. Her knowledge from both areas benefits the "Allplan Visual Scripting" project as product owner.


Xinling Xu

Product Specialist Allplan Visual Scripting 

“I am determined to bring more innovative information technology to the construction industry.”


After graduating in architecture, Xinling Xu worked in the construction industry for 5 years. During this time, he gained a lot of experience in algorithmic and parametric design during the realization of projects. With his expertise, he is an important team member for the "Allplan Visual Scripting" project.