Webinar: Advanced Modeling 2 - Templates, Data reusage and PYTHONPART PLACEMENT

Authors: Diether Wagner and Mewail Gidey - Company: ALLPLAN Infrastructure GmbH - Date: April 14th, 2021

Allplan Bridge is a powerful solution for the parametric modeling, structural analysis, reinforcement design and detailing of bridges in 4D. The software supports all design phases, from the concept to the final design. Due to the high level of detail, the geometrical and analytical model are ideal for visual design and coordination. Allplan Bridge makes all this possible - easier, faster and more precise than ever before.


In the series of 4 webinars our experts will demonstrate how we can use Allplan Bridge in order to model special geometric details which are commonly part of bridge structures. The webinar series aims at users who want to explore the advanced capabilities of Allplan Bridge and increase their working skills and performance.

This webinar is split into two parts. In the first part we will show how to reuse existing data and prepare templates.

The new feature “PythonPart placement” released in the latest version 2021-1 will be demonstrated in the second part of the webinar.

With this new feature the interaction between Allplan and Allplan Bridge is significantly improved. Intelligent objects (e.g. street lights, elastomeric bearings, bored piles, ...) are placed at defined positions with the correct alignment and predefined parameters. The parameters can either be directly defined or can be automatically derived from the bridge geometry.


  • Introduction
  • Cross Sections
  • TCL & XML Format benefits
  • 3D Model Templates
  • Smart Placement
  • Python parts

About the speakers:

Diether Wagner, BSc, Senior Consultant – Bridge Engineering at ALLPLAN Infrastructure GmbH

Diether Wagner is a civil engineering graduate and has been part of ALLPLAN Infrastructure GmbH located in Graz since 2017. From his earlier work he brings 15 years of experience as a consultant, trainer and product manager in the field of bridge engineering and bridge software engineering. Today he advises and trains customers worldwide on the Allplan Bridge parametric bridge solution.

Mewail Gidey, MSc, BIM Bridge Research Engineer at ALLPLAN Infrastructure GmbH

Mewail Gidey is Bridge BIM Research Engineer at ALLPLAN Infrastructure GmbH, which is in Graz. He is a BIM Specialist and civil engineer. He has been involved from infrastructure projects to BIM development. Currently he is working on digitalization of bridge workflows.

Title: Advanced Modeling 2 - Templates, Data reusage and PYTHONPART PLACEMENT

Category: Allplan Bridge

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