Webinar: Code-Based Design - The link between Structural Analysis and Detailing

Authors: Jaroslav Navrátil and Filip Adler - Company: ALLPLAN Infrastructure GmbH - Date: November 10th, 2020

Allplan Bridge is a powerful solution for the parametric modeling, analyzing, designing and detailing of bridges in 4D. The software supports all design phases, from the concept to the final design. Due to the high level of detail, the geometrical and analytical model are ideal for visual design and coordination. Allplan Bridge makes all this possible - easier, faster and more precise than ever before.


This new webinar complements the existing series of webinars which show the complete design process in the Allplan Bridge Solution on a practical example – from modeling to drawing production.

Once the structural analysis has been performed, reinforcement design and proof checks in accordance with the relevant design code must be made for the serviceability limit state (SLS) as well as the ultimate limit state (ULS). Allplan Bridge includes intelligent tools for calculating these checks and much more. Join this latest webinar to learn more.



  • Geometrical definitions
    • Reinforcement
    • Exposure classes
  • Combination types
  • Design & check tasks
    • Reinforcement design
    • Linear stresses
    • ULS & SLS Checks
  • Results and their evaluation
    • Work with result names
    • Showing results using 3D Diagrams and Tables
    • Visualised 3D interaction diagram
  • Reports
  • Live Demo

About the speakers:

Assoc. Prof. Jaroslav Navrátil, M.Sc., Ph.D., Chartered Engineer in Statics and Dynamics of Structures, Forensic Expert in Civil Engineering and Development Manager, ALLPLAN Infrastructure GmbH

Jaroslav Navrátil is recognized expert in the field of concrete and prestressed concrete structures. He has published more than 100 technical papers, over 50 research reports and expert opinions, and the textbook Prestressed Concrete Structures. The professional focus of Jaroslav Navrátil is the development of computational methods for the design and analysis of structures and their implementation in a form of algorithms and computer programs. As principal investigator or co-investigator, he has taken part in 12 research and development projects. He has more than twenty years of experience in leading software development for design of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures and managing customer projects. The software developed by his teams has been used for the analysis and design of bridges, reinforced concrete and composite beams, columns, and details in many European countries.

Jaroslav Navrátil also works as Associate Professor at VSB–Technical University of Ostrava, where he gives the lectures on prestressed concrete.

Filip Adler, MSc, Product Engineer - Bridge Engineering, Allplan Infrastructure GmbH

Filip Adler is an experienced Structural Bridge Engineer and Product Engineer of Allplan Bridge at Allplan Infrastructure GmbH, located in Brno. He finished his Master at Brno Technical University (BTU), Czechia, where he specialized in Bridge Engineering. He started his professional career as Product Engineer and later as Analyst. During this time, he was involved as a consultant in many bridge and precast structures worldwide and supported engineers in several structural software solutions and BIM. His main field of specialization is on structural analysis, code-based design and checks for concrete bridges.

He is an enthusiast of innovation and brings this passion into Allplan Bridge, which is an innovative solution in the market of bridge engineering, accepted by engineers worldwide.

Title: Code-Based Design - The link between Structural Analysis and Detailing

Category: Allplan Bridge

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