Webinar: Parametric Tendon Modeling

Author: Željka Devedžić - Company: ALLPLAN Infrastructure GmbH - Date: February 15th, 2021

Allplan Bridge is a powerful solution for the parametric modeling, structural analysis, reinforcement design and detailing of bridges in 4D. The software supports all design phases, from the concept to the final design. Due to the high level of detail, the geometrical and analytical model are ideal for visual design and coordination. Allplan Bridge makes all this possible - easier, faster and more precise than ever before.


There are many different types of pre-stressing and a variety of tendon geometries. Allplan Bridge provides several workflows of modeling the tendon geometry and makes it easy to model a wide range of pre-stressing types.

In general, there are two main modelling approaches: defining 3D tendon points or defining 3D tendon tangent directions. In both cases the program automatically generates the geometry of a tendon along the bridge structure.

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  • Introduction and technical background
  • Demonstration
    • Tendon points define the geometry
      • Variating the reference point itself
      • Variating the tendon eccentricities
      • Changing the reference point
      • Different points for tendon in plan and elevation
  • Tendon points define the tangents used for tendon geometry
  • Modeling of vertical tendons
  • Modeling of transversal tendons

About the speakers:

Željka Devedžić, MSc, Senior Consultant – Bridge Engineering, ALLPLAN Infrastructure GmbH

AI_ZDŽeljka Devedžić is an experienced Structural Bridge Engineer and Senior Consultant for bridges at ALLPLAN Infrastructure GmbH, located in Graz.   She earned her master’s degree at the University of Belgrade, Serbia, where she specialized in Bridge Engineering. She started her professional career as a structural engineer, where she was responsible for static and dynamic analysis in bridge engineering.   As her next professional step, she joined Bentley Systems GmbH in 2011 as an Application Engineer for RM Bridge. As a consulting structural engineer, she was involved in several international projects.

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