Webinar: Reinforcement design and code checking

Author: Filip Adler - Company: ALLPLAN Infrastructure GmbH - Date: March 4th, 2021

Allplan Bridge is a powerful solution for the parametric modeling, structural analysis, reinforcement design and detailing of bridges in 4D. The software supports all design phases, from the concept to the final design. Due to the high level of detail, the geometrical and analytical model are ideal for visual design and coordination. Allplan Bridge makes all this possible - easier, faster and more precise than ever before.


The series consist of 6 webinars and the Allplan Bridge Solution will be presented using a railway bridge.

First the bridge will be modelled parametrically and then a structural analysis will be done. Once the design of bridge geometry and tendons will be finalized, the same project will be used for detailing, rebar modeling and drawing production. Furthermore, for all steps BIM workflow will be used.



Allplan Bridge provides several features and improvements to cover design and code-checking of the bridge structure. In this webinar we will show the basic workflows and inputs for the user.

In general, there are two main tasks for the engineer: determine the necessary reinforcement area/position in each section of the bridge and prove the safety of the design by checks defined in the code. To show a productive and efficient way, we will cover the design & checks in more construction stages and print out their results.

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  • Creation of property sets in cross-section models
    • Reinforcement
    • Exposure classes
  • Additional definitions for structural units
  • Combination tables
  • Complementing construction sequence
    • Linear stress calculations
    • Reinforcement design
    • ULS & SLS checks
  • Results

About the speakers:

Filip Adler, MSc, Product Engineer - Bridge Engineering, Allplan Infrastructure GmbH


Filip Adler is an experienced Structural Bridge Engineer and Product Engineer of Allplan Bridge at Allplan Infrastructure GmbH, located in Brno. He finished his Master at Brno Technical University (BTU), Czechia, where he specialized in Bridge Engineering. He started his professional career as Product Engineer and later as Analyst. During this time, he was involved as a consultant in many bridge and precast structures worldwide and supported engineers in several structural software solutions and BIM. His main field of specialization is on structural analysis, code-based design and checks for concrete bridges.

He is an enthusiast of innovation and brings this passion into Allplan Bridge, which is an innovative solution in the market of bridge engineering, accepted by engineers worldwide.

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