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Allplan Bridge: Advanced Modeling 1 - Formulas and Variations

Authors: Diether Wagner and Gottfried Grabner - Company: ALLPLAN Infrastructure GmbH - Date: February 25th, 2021

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In the series of 4 webinars our experts will demonstrate how we can use Allplan Bridge in order to model special geometric details which are commonly part of bridge structures. The webinar series aims at users who want to explore the advanced capabilities of Allplan Bridge and increase their working skills and performance.

The focus of the first webinar will be how to use advanced features of variations and formulas to bring your BIM models to the highest possible accuracy level.


  • Introduction
  • Technical background and principles
  • Enhanced usage of variations
  • Data transfer from Excel
  • Usage of mathematical expressions
  • Advanced formulas (special functions, distance to axis, circular transition etc.)
  • Use cases

About the speakers:

Diether Wagner, BSc, Senior Consultant – Bridge Engineering

Diether Wagner is a civil engineering graduate and has been part of ALLPLAN Infrastructure GmbH located in Graz since 2017. From his earlier work he brings 15 years of experience as a consultant, trainer and product manager in the field of bridge engineering and bridge software engineering. Today he advises and trains customers worldwide on the Allplan Bridge parametric bridge solution.


Gottfried Grabner, Dipl.Dipl.-Ing., Technical Consultant at ALLPLAN Infrastructure GmbH

Gottfried Grabner is Technical Consultant at ALLPLAN Infrastructure GmbH, which is located in Graz. He is fluent in German, English and Spanish - in writing and in language.

After working as a Site Worker on Construction Sites, as Technical Assistant, as Surveyor and at several other Jobs, he studied in Graz, Austria and in Granada, Spain.

He Earned and Successfully Finalized his 2 Master Studies in Civil Engineering and Economy. After that he focused his professional career in Tunneling - first as a Tunneling Engineer and later as Technical Manager. After that he proceeded as JobSite Manager in Tunnel Construction (TBM, Drill and Blast, Subway construction, Energy- and Water supply projects, etc.). For more than a Decade he worked successfully at 4 different Continents and at several International Projects (Experience and Management Responsibility Level: up to ~500 people). He joined ALLPLAN Infrastructure GmbH in 2020.

Title: Advanced Modeling 1 - Formulas and Variations

Category: Allplan Bridge

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