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DEEP DIVE Infrastructure 2022
Allplan Bridge & Allplan Road

Competence Center Allplan Infrastructure - Date: November 17th, 2021

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Deep dive2022

With the brand-new Allplan Road solution, we provide a fully parametric and easy to use road modeling solution. It comprises an extensive environment for conceptual planning down to plan layout creation. Besides the parametric axes and road modeling approach, the solution possesses a performant terrain modeler and additional utilities for piping and sewerage systems.


The evolution in Modeling of Precast Girder Bridges in Allplan Bridge is given by a dedicated modeling solution for generating an exact geometry easily and quickly. Further, there are available design and code checking procedures according to AASHTO LRFD 9, and many more features supporting collaboration and user friendliness, like IFC 4.3., parametric modular modeling, undo & redo, skewed bridges, custom tree, and much more.


  • Allplan Road
  • Allplan Bridge


Allplan Road – New era in road modeling

  • Terrain surface – import, point reduction and modification methods
  • Parametric axis definition and axis takeover
  • Template-based road modeling - definition, assignment and detailing
  • Multiple representation styles
  • Intuitive model validation
  • Performant model adjustments
  • Model outputs - plan drawings and data reports
  • Bimplus – axis transfer to Allplan Bridge


Allplan Bridge – The (r)evolution of modeling for precast girder bridges

  • Further specialized modeling approach for precast girder bridges
    • Precasting
    • New modeling workflow
    • Parametric modular modeling
    • Custom Tree for optimized data management
  • Advanced pier definition – flexible, precise and at hand
  • New types of stations for more convenient data input
  • Extended modelling capabilities with Link girders
  • IFC 4.3 for enhanced project collaboration
  • Skewed bridges – Solving real world engineering scenarios easily
  • Modelling even more conveniently with Accompanying axis
  • Reinforcement design and code checking according to AASHTO LRFD9
  • Many further new features, like Pythonpart visualization, Undo & redo, Bloss curve, …

About the speakers:

Željka Devedžić, MSc, Teamlead Sales Enablement & Consulting Infrastructure at Competence Center Allplan Infrastructure

Gregor Štrekelj, MSc, Product Manager Infrastructure / Authorized Representative – Bridge Engineering at Competence Center Allplan Infrastructure

Michael Grad, MSc, Product Owner Allplan Road – Road Consulting Engineering at Competence Center Allplan Infrastructure

Jan Osterž, MSc, Technical Consultant - Bridge Engineering at Competence Center Allplan Infrastructure

Filip Adler, MSc, Product Engineer - Bridge Engineering at Competence Center Allplan Infrastructure

Mewail Gidey, MSc, BIM Bridge Research Engineer at Competence Center Allplan Infrastructure

Diether Wagner, BSc, Senior Consultant – Bridge Engineering at Competence Center Allplan Infrastructure

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