Think ALLPLAN and Eriksson for innovative software solutions for concrete design and reinforcement

In anticipation of our exhibition at the ACPA 2019 Concrete Pipe Show and School, we wanted to share some exciting news with you. 

Allplan, Inc. is partnering with Ericksson Technologies to create a link between Allplan’s concrete design software and Ericksson’s culvert analysis software.

With this link, your culvert analysis can automatically generate a reinforced 3D model ready to produce drawings and schedules. This is a huge asset to the concrete pipe industry because you’ll save time and reduce errors by avoiding the process of drawing/modeling yourself.

 Highlights of this new link:

  • Start your culvert design in Eriksson Culvert or Allplan
  • Easily transfer geometry and reinforcement data between both programs
  • Drawings and analysis stay synced through design changes

Come visit Frank Holz and Glen Hutchinson at Allplan Booth 101 at the Pipe Show to learn more.

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