10 BIM facts that support successful delivery of engineering projects

Avoid project overruns and increase profitability with accurate, on-time schedules and drawings


Time and cost overruns in construction projects are exceedingly common. However, baseline project estimates and timeframes keep shrinking, increasing the pressure to deliver and squeezing profit margins. And with the growing complexity and scale of projects, successfully delivering them to the time and cost allocated is becoming ever more difficult to achieve.

Despite the bespoke nature of each design, similar issues are encountered on projects that ultimately lead to delays and cost overruns. Experience shows that these conditions are not isolated to just one type of project or country, but rather are pervasive throughout the entire construction industry. Multiple scope changes, fragmented project teams, and complex designs: these issues create the perfect conditions for project failure, but are also easily rectified with the latest technology.

Successful project delivery is the key to remaining profitable and competitive, but to do so engineers must find ways to work more efficiently. Building Information Modeling (BIM) offers many solutions to address this, but for the vast majority of consultancies these benefits are yet to be realized. For many, it is still unclear how BIM will help improve project delivery. In this paper, you will discover ten ways that advanced 3D modeling and BIM can help you avoid project overruns and increase profitability with accurate, cost-effective, and timely designs.



  • Enhanced Design Efficiency
  • Streamlined Reinforcement Design
  • Increased Accuracy of Deliverables
  • Reduced Impact from Scope Changes
  • Reduced Clashes on Site
  • Accurate Cost Estimates
  • Improved Data Exchange
  • Improved Project Team Communication
  • Workflow Optimization Opportunities
  • Future-Proofed Working Methods

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