BIM Object Guide

In IFC as the common and manufacturer-neutral "language" for the exchange of model data, there is a library entry or a separate "word", the IFC object type, for all common objects in the construction and real estate industry.

This is precisely defined in its meaning and possesses a fixed set of additional information which is necessary in the minimum and which describes it more precisely. This ensures that the objects "installed" in the model data can be understood and interpreted equally by all (CAD) programs when they are transferred.



The BIM Object Guide contains an overview of all common BIM components and objects. From IfcBeam to IfcWindow - The BIM Object Guide lists all objects individually and defines them correctly.


  • BIM components and objects
  • All common types at a glance
  • Correct definition of objects
  • Properties, dimensions and intended use
  • Correct assignment and attribution


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