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Time and money can make or break precast projects. Using different software systems to design, detail, and model precast box culverts, pre-benched manholes, sound walls, or a stormwater screening facility can create a fractured workflow, which can cause overrun in budgets and deadlines.

Allplan allows users to draft and design in a familiar 2D environment, and with only a few additional steps, generate a 3D model. Drawing box culverts in 2D might not be a difficult task, but rebar detailing and bending schedules add a layer of complexity.

Precast concrete reinforcement for manholes and box culverts is much easier in 3D, and automatic clash detection ensures that any errors are resolved in the planning stage before it leads to costly mistakes on the job site.

For workers onsite, having a digital, 3D model of a concrete underground stormwater management system could be the key component to the job being completed within the time deadlines, as well as on-budget. A model that contains all the vital information, such as entry points, center of gravity (COG), and material take offs, can help them avoid errors during installation.

Join the thousands of satisfied Allplan users and consider using Allplan design & detailing software for your next precast project with reinforced pre-benched concrete manholes, sound walls, box culverts, and stormwater screening facility

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