The Revolutionary Solution to BIM for Bridge Design


Vanja Samec, Managing Director, ALLPLAN Infrastructure

While BIM has been a challenge for the bridge industry, it is imperative that a way forward is found. BIM is increasingly being mandated by clients worldwide.

As a key piece of infrastructure, bridges are typically owned and maintained by governments, many of which are – or soon will be – demanding that BIM is used to deliver public sector projects. Companies which do not use BIM for project delivery will soon find themselves excluded from bidding on these types of projects.

Equally, there are a significant number of legacy bridges worldwide which are in need of repair, yet resources for maintenance are under increasing pressure. The bridge industry needs to digitize and find ways to work more efficiently in order to deliver the required design quality and safety as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

In this whitepaper, we discuss the fundamental requirements of a BIM solution designed for bridges, and how the right BIM solution can overcome the unique challenges that bridge design and construction poses.



  • Fundamentals of BIM for bridges
  • The challenges of integrating BIM into bridges
  • The value of BIM for bridge engineering
  • ALLPLAN's approach to BIM for bridges
  • Conclusion

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