A Smarter Way to Create a Parametric Bridge Design

This webinar looks at an advanced approach to parametrically designing both simple and complex bridges. We will demonstrate how to create complex bridge geometry, easily define 3D geometry based on a 3D axis, and control cross-sections parametrically.

Speaker: Frank Holz, Senior Technical Consultant, Allplan, Inc.

Organizer: Allplan, Inc.

Tags: Engineering,  reinforcement modeling, civil engineering, 3D modeling, reinforcement, detailing



About the speaker:


Frank Holz, Senior Technical Consultant, Allplan, Inc.

Frank serves as the Senior Technical Consultant for Allplan, Inc., and is responsible for advocating BIM and Allplan to the construction community and ensuring customers are successful in their use of the software. His focus is on bridges and concrete structures, precast and cast-in-place.

Prior to joining Allplan, Frank designed bridges and other precast structures. He developed computer-aided engineering software for prestressed bridge beams, mild/prestressed beams for buildings, wall panels, precast culverts and bridge piers. Frank holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Civil Engineering from the University of South Florida.

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