Automating reinforcement placement and drawings for precast

Detailing reinforcement for precast concrete projects can be time-intensive and error-prone, especially when using 2D CAD software.

Once bar schemas have been generated, it's not easy to validate the information against the 2D draft, and it is even harder if you have to modify the existing bars to correct an error or update the design.

When openings are added or the structure's geometry changes the reinforcement becomes out of date and has to be redrawn. Depending on the size of the project, this could be extremely time-consuming, and cause a bottleneck that affects the overall deliverables.

In this webinar we will do a deep-dive into innovative new 3D tools that streamline the entire design, reinforcement and documentation process. 

We will also showcase enhanced Cut Bars and Join Bars commands. These commands allow the user to cut or join reinforcing singularly or in bulk.

This webinar will explore:

  • Where bottlenecks exist are in the precast concrete project delivery process
  • Why 2D process of reinforcement and creating production plans are error prone
  • How 3D modeling tools can produce precast drawings and documentation easily and accurately in a fraction of the time compared to 2D drawing methods
Dave Brewster2

Dave Brewster

Dave Brewster is the Business Development Manager Americas for Reinforcing & Fabrication. He is responsible for advocating the advancement of Concrete, Reinforcing and Post Tensioned software technology to the North American market with the goal of disrupting the status quo.

Dave has been associated with the construction Industry for over 20 years as both a Rebar and Post Tensioned detailer/project manager. He has 30 years of experience with various CAD programs of which 25 of those years have included 3D modeling.

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