Axis related modeling

In bridge modeling everything naturally starts with an axis.  In Allplan Bridge, axes can not only be used for determining the global alignment of the superstructure, but there are more possibilities to easily and flexibly describe the geometry of certain structural parts. 

For instance, accompanying axes in combination with special implemented functions can be used for accomplishing varying deck widths between a reference and a boundary axis. Transversal axes can be used for defining structural parts that are oriented in the transversal direction of the main structure, and piers can be linked to a terrain axis and automatically adjust their height depending on it. Finally, all the defined axes can be output in a detailed report providing all the inputted and calculated data of the plan view and of the elevation. 


What to Expect: 

  • Axis definition/import using different file formats
  • Accompanying axis with reference to a main axis
  • Transversal axis for transversal members 
  • "Terrain axis" for linking piers
  • Report of the axis data (in GUI and to Excel)

About the speaker:



Diether Wagner, BSc, Senior Consultant - Bridge Engineering at Competence Center Allplan Infrastructure

Deither Wagner is a civil engineering graduate and has been part of ALLPLAN Infrastructure GmbH located in Graz since 2017. From his earlier work he brings 15 years of experience as a consultant, trainer, and product manager in the field of bridge engineering and bridge software engineering. Today he advises and trains customers worldwide on the Allplan Bridge parametric bridge solution.