Digital Precast: Beginning-to-End Workflows

Over the last ten years, BIM has gone from “buzzword” to “software” to “workflow” to “business model.”

Model-based design is the new norm for building structures, and it has yielded big dividends for construction contractors and engineers alike. But BIM has not yet transformed precast fabrication in the same way. Why not?

  • High quality BIM-based detailing isn’t yet easy enough to be an everyday workflow
  • Downstream use of BIM data is limited and cumbersome

To realize the potential offered by digital precast workflows, engineers must be able to create high-quality models with ease, and fabricators must have operations management tools that can consume, use, and update the information those models contain.

In this webinar, we will speak with Paul Waldner, Conceptual Design Manager and Developer at Taracon Precast, to understand Paul’s vision for how Taracon will become an all-digital precaster.

Then we will take a deep-dive into BIM model development to better understand how engineers and drafters can efficiently create both model and shop tickets through an efficient, flexible “BIM+CAD” process.


Frank Holz, Senior Technical Consultant

Frank has a Master’s in Civil Engineering with over 9 years of industry experience. Primarily focusing on precast, he has worked on a variety of infrastructure projects. As an industry expert he helped to write and program precast software, as well as train other engineers on usage and best practices.

David Loughery

David Loughery, Business Development Manager
David has a Master’s in Structural Engineering with over 5 years of industry experience. As a practicing engineer in China his work focused on fiber composites (FRP) in civil infrastructure, including bridges and powerplants, before he transitioned into the AEC software industry upon returning to the United States. As an engineer he’s faced many of the same challenges which confront Allplan’s customers each day, an understanding which enhances his ability to help overcome them.

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