Leveraging the “I” in BIM to Streamline Precast Production, Inventory Control, and Shipping 

Over the last decade, BIM has changed the way precast buildings are engineered and detailed. What it hasn’t yet touched are the problems of managing production, quality assurance, storage, and shipping for precast fabricators.  Existing ERP and information systems are not well suited to the precast industry, and require extensive and expensive customization to function.

What the industry needs is a solution that integrates data and information from existing engineering and detailing processes with systems that help fabricators manage the casting, shipping, and inventory control processes of a precast plant.

In this webinar, we will describe how information stored in any 3D BIM model can be used to:

  • Visualize precast pieces and associate them with shop tickets
  • Manage and optimize production based on existing physical plant and workforce
  • Streamline and improve pre- and post-casting quality checks
  • Track and manage inventory using GPS- and QR-capable mobile application
  • Manage element loading, erection, and site operations using a mobile application 

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