Rebar Management: From Fabrication to Construction

Is the jobsite missing a bundle of rebar?

Are you constantly trying to track rebar changes be it a detailing error, fabrication error or contract change?

Do you spend hours poring through various reports or on the phone trying to track the rebar down and make corrections?

In this webinar, we will show you how to manage your rebar using the project model data as the single source of truth. From the model, we will show you how to synchronize your bar information bi-directionally with your rebar fabrication manager, whether asa, Soule or an Excel spreadsheet!

We will demonstrate how seamlessly you can manage releases, shapes, changes, and bar status and track your bars right through to placement.

Dave Brewster2

Dave Brewster

Dave Brewster is the Business Development Manager Americas for Reinforcing & Fabrication. He is responsible for advocating the advancement of Concrete, Reinforcing and Post Tensioned software technology to the North American market with the goal of disrupting the status quo.

Dave has been associated with the construction Industry for over 20 years as both a Rebar and Post Tensioned detailer/project manager. He has 30 years of experience with various CAD programs of which 25 of those years have included 3D modeling.

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