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Around the United States, civil engineers, constructors and owner-operators are using Allplan infrastructure software to accelerate project delivery and improve overall integration and performance for the elements that sustain the US economy. These upgrades help to improve the cities we live in and contribute to a better quality of life for all.

Being vital for the daily functions of the entire country, infrastructure projects require accuracy and speed to ensure builds stay on budget and are completed on time. This is where Allplan excels with intuitive team interaction features and full automation for design and reinforcement. 

Engineering firms that consult on infrastructure have structural and non-structural elements that are similar from project to project.

This type of work is competitive, and cost savings and efficiency are critical to winning bids.

Allplan can help you intelligently reuse your 2D CAD work, while leveraging a 3D model for clash detection and visualization.

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webinare-video-orangeWebinar: BIM to CAD, Deliver Bridge Projects in 2D and 3D

In this webinar we discuss an integrated CAD and BIM approach to project delivery, which allows engineers to work in a 2D CAD environment to deliver both 3D BIM models and high-quality 2D deliverables from the same workflow.

Tamina BridgeCase Study: Tamina Bridge in Switzerland 

With an arched span of 869 feet, a superstructure length of 1,368 feet and a height of 722 feet above the valley floor, the Tamina Bridge is the largest arched bridge in Switzerland.

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